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Fireworks in a Vase

on January 1, 2012

This is how we spent our New Year’s Eve…

Our New Year's Eve Kiss

But we all heard the fireworks at midnight.  After getting soaked at the barn this morning I thought this activity (which I found over at Juggling With Kids) would be a fun indoor activity for us.  Noah loves fireworks and we likely won’t see them in person for another 7 months so I was excited to bring them to him, albeit on a much smaller scale and without the chest pounding booms.

All it took was:

  • 1 tall vase filled with cool to lukewarm water
  • food coloring
  • oil (any kind, though I like to use the cheap stuff for play and crafts)
  • spoon
  • measuring cup (or any vessel with spout for pouring)

1.  Fill vase nearly to the top with water.  Leave enough room at the top to pour your oil in.  The colder the water the slower your fireworks will go off.  Hot water didn’t work well.  All the colors fired at once and the water quickly turned murky.

2.  Pour a small (1/8 – 1/4 c) oil in a measuring cup

3.  Put 1-2 drops of each color of food coloring in the oil.  More than that and you’re water gets black and murky.

4.  Stir the coloring with a spoon to break them up a bit

5.  Pour the oil in the vase with the water.  It will collect at the top and then, depending on the temperature of the water, the food coloring will slowly drop out of the oil, down into the water and begin to spread – as though exploding into the sky!

No chest pounding booms needed.  This was pretty magical! If only my picture taking was just as magical…

He really loved watching it from above…

We did this activity 3 times.  If I hadn’t run out of oil I’m sure we would have done it 3 more!  May every day of 2012 hold magic, wonder and joy for our family and yours!


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