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The Year of the Boy Finger Painting

on January 2, 2012

For my family and I, 2011 was rough.  I won’t go into the gory details, but let’s just say we’re due for a little luck and a big hunk of joy.  And so I decided…no PROCLAIMED…2012 would be the year of US.  Of OUR FAMILY – and that term will always include our critters.

The grown-up idea for this activity came from Brassy Apple.  There, they used a canvas, covered in fabric with die cut letters adhered on before painting.  I’ve also seen this project done by placing letter stickers over any old thrift store painting.  Here, both the overlying and underlying artwork is done by my very own creative genius!

You’ll need:

  • Heavy weight paper (we used drawing paper but cardboard wouldn’t be a bad idea)
  • Finger paints
  • Letter stickers (or die cut letters if you’re so inclined)

1.  We started with blank paper, taped down at all 4 corners.  Let them pick the colors of the letters.  We chose blue and green…

   This smock…Oh! So adorable!!!

But Oh!  So… Unnecessary!  

That’s it for our first session of the day!  Time for the first bath of the day!

2.  Once that dried, I pulled out my letter stickers and applied those while Noah did a little downward dog in a pile of cornstarch.  Just another day at the Bennett Farm….

   I liked the way the “wooden” letter stickers looked in silhouette.  A nod to the Chinese Year Of The… calendars

3.  Here wo go again!  Round 2 of the finger paints!  This time we chose red and yellow.

    And we’re off for bath #2!

4.  I peeled the stickers off while the paint was still wet.  Had I let it dry the stickers would have been forever entombed in the mounds of paint.  To help it dry flat I taped it down at all 4 corners on our glass door.

   And so it has been declared….


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