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Balloon Ping Pong

on January 4, 2012

Today we spent some time at a friend’s house. For me, this used to mean I get to stitch while Noah stays busy doing…something. As long as no one was crying and I could stitch it was a successful play date as far as I was concerned. Today was going to be different though, for a couple of reasons.
First and foremost I had made a promise, to myself and my child, that I would spend at least 1 moment of everyday being fully present in play with him. Between multiple trips to the barn to take care of our horse in mid-winter, errands and cooking dinner there wasn’t going to be much left of our day.
Secondly we were visiting our friends this day because the mama just needed a little break and some time to rest. I couldn’t rightly show up, plop down on the couch and pull out my embroidery hoop.

I don’t always get the best pictures as my priority is to stay present in play.  It gets even trickier when I have more than 1 kiddo and I forget my camera at home.  Apologies now for the low quality snaps.  I did remember everything we’d need though:

  • Paper plates
  • Paint stirs (pick them up at any hardware store if there’s none on hand)
  • Markers (paint may work better if you have waxy plates, just trying to minimize the mess in my friend’s home here)
  • Tape
  • Balloons

1.  I first let the boys decorate their plates with the markers.  Stickers would have been a nice mess-free option as well.


2.  Next we taped the paint sticks on the back, blew up a few balloons and we were ready to ping and pong around the room!

   I was able to get a few more shots later tonight while Daddy played….


Now to keep him from attempting to play ping pong with the dogs…


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