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Mixed Media Mud Mural

on January 5, 2012

After a long freeze (that’s about 3 days here in the South) we are at last getting a break in the weather. The one nice thing about freezing temps is not having to deal with the mud; muddy boots, boys and paws, and I can keep putting the same blanket on my horse without having to wash it. While there are countless lovely things about warmer temps (I’m going to put not having to break ice out of water buckets first thing in the morning at the top), the one bummer for me is all that mud. Today however, we’re going to love it! More accurately I am going to love it. I know the dogs and the boy are already capable of finding joy in just about everything. I so admire that about them. As for the pony, A clean and dry blanket awaits her and my brushes are at the ready!

  • Cardboard – I thought white would work best.  In hindsight, it makes no difference at all
  • Painting Tools – brush, roller, spatula, turkey baster…anything will do

Find the perfect mud hole.  After saying good morning of course…



We kept it simple with just 2 tools.



The heat wave hadn’t hit full force just yet so we did a bit of ice chipping.  There’s our pony in the background enjoying some brekkie



To attach other media, we needed a good, thick base…



With “snack” in hand we were off to find some mixed organic media.  Until we hit the all-you-can-eat ice jackpot!



We did eventually find some sticks to add to the masterpiece.  Which reminded Noah of a birthday cake.  Time to make a wish and blow out the candles!



I found some wild onion and muddled it in my hands a bit.  We smelled the fresh garden scent together.  I showed Noah what clover looked like.  We found a big patch of it to harvest for our mural and share with our bunny friends.



A natural, organic masterpiece!


One response to “Mixed Media Mud Mural

  1. […] as Noah found different objects in the garage to paint with; the paintbrush from yesterday’s mud extravaganza, a little rubberball, his big ride-on […]

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