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Bath Paints from Shaving Cream

on January 6, 2012

{{This post is pending photo uploads.  Check the Jan 11th post for details and check back soon!}}

My kid is a fish! He loves anything that involves water and when he can submerge his entire body in it, all the better. We started taking him swimming at 3 months and he’s never once balked. Except for those 4 or 5 months when he did. In a big way. Water itself was never the issue and swimming has remainder an all time favorite outing. It was the dreaded hair washing that sucked all the joy out of baths. As I’ve learned, most kids go through this and get over it. Here’s one of the activities that helped bring the joy back to bath time, at least until it’s time to wash those golden locks.

I found this idea at Having Fun At Home.  I loved how they seperated each color by using a muffin tin, almost like an artist’s pallate!  I put mine in the blue foam contianers mushrooms come in because I hate to throw something like that out, especially something made of styrofoam, before getting at least one more use out of them.  Also, I didn’t want to wash my muffin tin.  But I will say, what a great idea!


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