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Train Tracks Painting

on January 7, 2012

Other than some scattered showers the beautiful weather continues here in Chattanooga and, from what I hear, just about everywhere else across the States. We were able to beat the rain this morning for a family trip to the barn (I even got a ride in!) but despite showers throughout the day, these temps are far too wonderful to be stuck inside.
We recently inherited an elaborate train track set from a friend. She was downsizing and even though we should be too, I couldn’t pass it up. We all love playing with it but the boy was getting frustrated when the trains would come off their tracks, engines still click-clacking. This was Noah’s first time playing with the set and I’m certain he’ll quickly learn how to reset them just so. For now, let’s head out into this wondrous weather with the following…

  • White Paper or Posterboard – the bigger the better
  • Paint
  • Toy Vehicles – trucks, cars, trains and planes with varying wheel sizes, treads and textures

The largest size paper we had was legal.  I taped several down to provide a larger canvas

I sqeezed out several squiggly lines of paint and we started driving.  And crashing!



The dump truck with it’s treaded tires made an especially fantastic print


I thought the squiggly lines would be just enough paint to drive through without getting too much paint on the trucks.  You can see how well my idea was received…and so Noah took over and dumped a nice big pile of green paint.  Much better!


The fun part (for me) was watching as Noah found different objects in the garage to paint with; the paintbrush from yesterday’s mud extravaganza, a little rubberball, his big ride-on dozer…



And so I suppose I should have seen this one coming…

STOMP! STOMP! SPLAT!  Now quite as heartwarming as barefeet prints, but I think I’ll be saving this little piece of the canvas 🙂


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