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Balance Board

on January 9, 2012

This morning started off with me accidentally deleting Every. Single. Picture. I had ever taken of Noah and then some. being the tech-savvy person I am, I immediately broke down into tears and called my husband at work. This was followed by a flurry of phone calls, text massages and failed attempts as I sat unmoving beside my computer. “We do sell a software program to recover deleted files” the tech support man on the other line reassured me. It was the voice of God as far as I was concerned so I set off to purchase it.
Not before throwing in a load of laundry though. As I entered the laundry room I heard an unusual gurgling sound. And then there was the smoke. Knowing full well the entire water heater was just seconds from imploding in my face I scurried inside…and called my husband at work. I was stoic (no tears anyway) as I explained the situation. “Just switch the breaker and I’ll deal with it when I get home”.
I did manage to get a nutritious breakfast into everyone, namely the boy, however that was quickly becoming the highlight of the day. I knew I needed to let everything go for a bit and come up with An activity that had “Noah” written all over it. The balance board would involve physical play, a bit of daring and likely a crash-boom or two. Perfect.

You’ll need

  • a sturdy board
  • rolled towel, pillow or blanket

I didn’t have a board but I did have an old shelving unit I wasn’t using anymore so we pulled out the screwdriver and started our demo work.  This was just as fun as the actual activity for Noah


We started off easy by placing his squish pillow under the board so it wouldn’t tip at all.  It was a new sensation to those chubby toes which Noah thought was pretty cool. **An important thing to note is that I removed his socks** I wanted tippy, not slippy.


To increase difficulty, I just flipped the squish so the board had a little more room to tip back and forth.  This took a bit more concentration as evidenced by the tongue.



Finally, I placed a rolled towel as the fulcrum.  He loved this but you’ll just have to take my word for it.  My hands were full, and my heart was too.


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