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Rain Sticks

on January 11, 2012

I woke up to the sound of rain on the rooftop, thunder in the distance and the low, soft rhythmic breathing of the boy sleeping next me. It sounds so dreamy and peaceful. And I remember a time when it was. Except now that rain and thunder immediately brought to mind images of my horse standing in a muddy field, head hung low, missing her best friend and not a single tree to find shelter beneath.
I used to love everything about rain; the feeling before a storm, the sound of it falling, and oh, that smell! But that was back when my two horses were on our property, safe, warm and dry in the barn, or happily grazing in the drizzle if they so chose. But we were forced to move them and more recently, one had to be put down, on a rainy day no less. Now rain, and particularly a cold, hard rain like we had this morning just made me anxious and sad.
Noah and I bring Little Bit breakfast every morning. It is a bright spot in the day for all three of us. That thought made me smile, knowing she would appreciate seeing us all the more on a day like today. After taking care of her we set off for a playground nearby. We had a play date planned with a friend and her son who is just a few months older than Noah. On the way there the rained stopped and the skies, though still cloaked in grey, did lighten up a bit.
The boys had a grand time playing in the aftermath of puddles and mud. They squealed and splashed, we laughed and hugged. Bread in hand we set off for a nearby duck pond. No more than a quarter of the way, and after having to wade through ankle deep water, my friend looked to the sky and said “Uh, do you think we should go back?”. Now I’d already thought this to myself at least a dozen times but my friend, with her golden heart and adventurous spirit, was all about forging on so who was I to be the party pooper. But now even she had reservations. I agreed and we broke the news to the boys.
Now walking at disappointed-boy speed, it began to rain. We scooped them up, the rain was coming harder. We ran with them, bouncing their now giggly bodies up and down, the sky opened up. Wading back through the flooded sidewalk we splashed, water now dripping down into my knee high muck boots, “More! More!” Noah managed to shout through fits of laughter. By now I too was caught up in the moment, laughing as we splashed our way back to the truck. “Thanks for the fun adventure!” I shouted to our friends as we arrived at our cars and scrambled to peel their wet clothes off.
And what a fun adventure it was! After the past couple days it was exactly what I needed to get out of my own head. I wanted to make these rain sticks with Noah so that we could be reminded of our rainy day adventure. I loved the rain today. I plan on loving it in the future too. As soon as we got home I made an appointment to tour a new barn where my pony will have shelter from the storms and hopefully some new friends to enjoy the rain with.

The idea for this rainy day craft came from Nancymusic which is a blog written by a musician and has great ideas for incorporating music and music activities into your play.

  • Empty water bottle or similar container
  • Rice
  • Foil
  • Maybe a funnel and scoop to keep things tidy

First we tore the foil into (very asymetrical) strips, scrunched them up a bit and shoved them in the bottle.  This is listed as “messy” but it’s a white shirt kind of messy.


Next Noah just scooped and dumped.  Check out that grin!  We had been out of play rice for about a week which I’m sure felt like an eternity to Noah.  He was so happy to see that rice bin filled back up!  The more rice you add the longer the sound lasts.  We filled our up about halfway.


That’s it!  Tip it back and forth and talk about your favorite rainy day memory!


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