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Indoor Tumble Gym

on January 13, 2012

Oh yes, winter did indeed arrive as promised. We set off earlier than usual for the barn as I knew the pony would be especially hungry but more importantly I knew there would be a thick sheet of ice in her water bucket I would have to bust and scoop out. I rushed out the door with Noah still in his PJs. On mornings like this it’s just easier to have him stay in the truck while I get the barn chores done. I don’t do this often but I do always feel bad about it, especially when he frowns and says “Nowie out?”. Yes, he even calls himself Nowie. Ouch.
But I rationalized this morning’s confinement in the truck by telling myself (and Noah) we were going to spend 2 full hours at our local gymnastics center’s open gym for toddlers. It’s basically a padded room filled with padded toys and padded pits filled with…yep, more padding. I talked it up all morning. By the time we had to get ready to leave he literally grabbed the clothes I had set out for him, laid down on the floor and began to dress himself.
So you can imagine our disappointment when we arrived to find the doors locked, a small group of confused (and rightly upset) mamas, and a small herd of toddlers with energy to burn. We waited 30 minutes, everyone ill-prepared to be standing outside for any length of time, to no avail. We never did find out why the center didn’t open, but I knew I had promised my boy a wild rumpus and he was going to get it!

  • Every pillow and cushion from around the house
  • a few blankets
  • crib mattress if you still have one

I started by gathering every pillow I could find.  I mean every pillow.  I also threw in a few of the larger balnkets and quilts and pulled out the crib mattress.

I first set the matress in the center of the room and surrounded it with the pillows and blankets.  I pulled the piano bench over as our launching board and away we went!


Without prompting he would get up from the mat and say “Mama’s turn”.  I would take my turn and has I got up from the mat I would hear “Noah’s turn”.  How fabulous is that?!?  My next idea was to make a ramp to climb up, reach the piano bench, then jump into the pile of pillows and blankets.  I set it up as such, but Noah immediately saw a slide.  And so it was a slide!


Eventually he did give the ramp-bench-jump idea a try

As I thought out loud about what to make next Noah shouted “Tunnel!”.  What a great idea Nowie!  Let’s do it!


He was ready for the slide again so I set that back up but made it a little different this time.  Kitty came in to check us out so Noah had fun with him for awhile.  It wasn’t long before Noah informed me it was time for kitty to go back outside though.


Soon enough Noah tired himself out.  He insisted on more sliding though and in the end this is what all his slides looked like.

Enjoy your nap little one!  You earned it!


3 responses to “Indoor Tumble Gym

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  2. Jennie says:

    I like the shirt. 😉

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