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Snack Necklace

on January 14, 2012

I remember making cheerio necklaces when I was little. I also remember buying the candy necklaces and bracelets at the pool. The ones with the elastic string so you could easily pull the necklace up to your mouth and nearly break your teeth trying to free a piece of powder-coated, pastel-colored, harden sugar. Yummy! But it was such fun! And I even remember thinking it tasted good.
We don’t keep Cheerios around the house and even if we did keep loads of candy it’s not something I want my toddler eating. So we’re stuck making a fairly boring necklace. If you have a more varied selection of string-able treats you’ll be able to practice more skills, such as pattern making, sequencing and even shapes. We’re not quite there yet any way, so we’ll practice counting and turn taking as we make our mono-chromatic “super yellows” necklace. This will also give us some fancy accessories to wear to the birthday party we’re attending this evening!

  • string or yarn
  • tape
  • “o” shaped snacks or similar
  • scissors

Here’s the goods.  I added tape to the end of the yarn to make it a bit easier.  Even I had a hard time threading fuzzy wool yarn through the star-shaped center.


The tape helped but it was still a little difficult for Noah to thread.  Still, he had great concentration and did it!

He found eating them to be much easier.  That hole was definately big enough!


Once he had a few on I took over threading duties.  His job was to help me count out how many stars were going on the string.

With the necklace complete, he dug right in.  I immediately realized I’d have to find some other jewlery if I wanted to look fancy for the birthday party.



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