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Squishy Balls (or mama stress balls)

on January 19, 2012

Worry stones yesterday and stress balls today? Yeah, it’s been a rough week. I think the first time I made these were at camp. Again, it’s not that camp was stressful, but that squishing these balls just felt good.
We’ve been learning about counting and numbers lately so I added numbers to our balloons. It might also be fun to write each letter of his name on another set as he loves hearing us spell out his name and always joins in when we get to “O!”.

  • Jumbo size balloons
  • Funnel
  • Flour
  • Spoon

Because our funnel wasn’t that big we needed to use the chopstick to poke it through and into the balloon.  Noah quickly took to scooping the flour and I was in charge of poking it down through the funnel.

Once they are full, be sure to squeeze ALL the air out before tying it.  If there’s air in the balloon it will pop much easier.  As long as you get all the air out though, they really are quite durable.  Maybe clip the kiddo’s nails just to be certain 😉

Noah was done being the scooper after 3 balloons so we stopped there.  For now anyway.


One response to “Squishy Balls (or mama stress balls)

  1. […] an easy 2 for 1 activity, especially if you’ve already made the Squishy Balls. Between an over-worked mind and my desire to just have a lazy Sunday this was a super easy […]

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