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Spider Web Maze

on January 21, 2012

Noah had big plans today! He was going to his friend’s birthday party at an airport where he would be painting model airplanes, eating cake, taking part in a book exchange (which is such a great idea by the way!) and even riding on a real plane! Because of the thunder storms all morning he likely wouldn’t be able to fly in the plane but in the least he would be cruising around the tarmac.
I could just imagine the look on his face! And unfortunately that would have to. I had fallen so far behind in my listings and recently added a custom order with a deadline of “before the baby comes” for a woman who was very pregnant. I couldn’t let this project sit!

So while I was bummed to miss out on all the fun (and the cake!) I was excited to plan a fun activity of my own while the boys played.
For one of my birthday parties my parents made this spider web maze in the basement. It was during my tween years so my parents used different candy bars as the end prize. They tied a string around each bar, tied the other end to a popsicle stick and with all the string in between, wrapped it around everything else. We had to follow the string up, down, over and around the many obstacles a cluttered basement provides. The strings criss-crossed and wound around each other. They went up in the rafters and under the staircase. It was such fun!
With Noah out of the house this was the perfect time to set this activity up.

Although we do art activities everyday, Noah rarely gets to play with markers.  This is why:


So getting a tube of markers is a pretty big deal.  I tied yarn to the tube (an old parma cheese container), hid it under his bed and began stringing the tail end of the yarn throughout the house.


To create more of an obstacle course I strung it through his tunnel and over the piano bench.

As I strung it over our bed I realized kitty would need to go outside for bit.  I ended back in the kitchen, tied a craft stick on and waited for the boy.


Hooray!  He’s home!  He noticed the yarn immediately.  His first instinct was to wind himself in it.  I showed him the stick and asked him to help me find the treasure.


Eventually we found our way to Noah’s room where he found the forbidden toy.  Seriously.  I rather he play with glitter.  At least glitter can be vacuumed.


We had a great time playing with the treasure together!  He especially loved taking turns tracing each other’s hands which was his idea completely.


And of course coloring on himself!


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