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Hatching Bath Bugs

on January 23, 2012

I combined a couple of ideas I collected recently on Pinterest for today’s activity.  The first was adding colored ice cubes to the bath, which I found here at Mommysavers which is another WordPress blog full of frugal tips for living well on less.  The other was to freeze little sea creatures and add those to the bath which was originally posted over at Make, Do & Friend.  I still had lots of little buggers left over so I threw those in an ice-cube tray, added some colored water and they’re hibernating in the freezer now, getting ready for Noah’s bath tonight.  I can just imagine how that feels to be submerged in nice warm water and have these frozen little creatures sliding up against you.  It doesn’t really sound appealing when I say that out loud but I’m actually a little envious of having that sensation.  I think it’s going to feel strange and fantastic!

  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Water
  • Coloring
  • Buggers or other tiny treasures

This activity takes a tiny bit of forethought.  I used blue and yellow food coloring so his bath water would end up being a bit greenish.  I thought that was a good buggy color.

You could vaguely see the trail of color as they melted.


He was most interested in sucking on the ice.  Blame the 2-year molars.

Until he realized he could make Mama squeal by “chasing” her with the bugs.  Now that was fun!


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