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Spray Art

on January 24, 2012

My day started at 1am. I just couldn’t sleep. Middle of the night wakenings are not uncommon for me but usually I am able to fall back to sleep after an hour or two. Not so much last night.

Noah slept like a rock though so at least one of us would be in a good mood, right? Not really. I felt so sick our trip to the barn was basically a drive-by breakfasting. Back home I was so not up for any kind of play. Even speed bump playtime had my stomach churning.  Noah was out his favorite playmate and there wasn’t enough sleep in the world to make him feel good about that.

After coloring (his entire body) with markers I stuck him in a nice, warm bubble bath, snuggled him in bed and quickly, mercifully, fell to sleep. At least I fell asleep. Upon waking next to a snoring boy I noticed there was a jar of peanut butter in our bed. He must have been so disappointed when his unconscious mother refused to open his jar of peanut butter! I nervously snuck out into the family room to see what other creative ways he’d chosen to entertain himself. I wouldn’t say the room was tidy, but it was just toys that could be picked up. Even most of his markers had the caps back on. Bless his heart ❤

And while exhaustion took over us both inside, outside the sun was shining, the birds were singing and temperatures were climbing to near 60 degrees. We absolutely, without a doubt had to get outside to play today! Because Noah had such fun with the spray bottle in his bath today I thought this activity would be just what we needed.

I was inspired by this post on the Critters and Crayons blog. There are several other blogs that use different techniques; watered down tempra paint or kool-aide, sprayed on papers and fabrics. I’m all about using what I have on hand though so I improvised…

  • Spray Bottles
  • Colored Water (color with food coloring, paint, inside of markers that are otherwise “dried” out at the tips…)
  • Light Colored Paper or Fabric

I had an old piece of foam board I thought would be great.  Turns out it wasn’t.  Had we been using the paint method it likely would have turned out better.  So at first, and especially with using the yellow water, it just looked like one of the dogs had peed on a piece of foam board.  I ran inside for fabric and found some dish towels which were perfect because they were white and stained.  Anything Noah did to them would be an improvement.  They did take the color much better and in the end I had a pastel, tie-dye looking dish towel.  Much improved!


It hardly mattered what the end result was though.  He had the best time spraying!

And not just spraying the canvas.  He loved spraying Mama…

  He loved spraying Echo…

 He sprayed Hooley and puddles and just about anything else he could find.



2 responses to “Spray Art

  1. tricia says:

    The pics are great! Love this! Thanks for the shout in the post!

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