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{Discovery Box} Shake & Stack

on January 25, 2012

Before you think I’m a pill junkie I should tell you I’ve been saving these pill bottles for years. I can’t recycle them with our local recycling center and thought certainly I can recycle them somewhere. Finding out where is still on my to-do list, but in the meantime I thought I could at least repurpose them and have some fun.

  • Empty Pill Bottles with labels removed (pill bottles work best because they can’t be opened)
  • Dry Beans and Pasta of Varying Shapes and Sizes

I had been squirreling my bottles away in a paper gift bag which made presenting today’s Discovery Box as a “sprize” a cinch.  I just threw some newspaper on the top on we were ready to go.  Before that I filled some of the bottles with different types of dried beans, pasta and even oatmeal and quinoa.  Each made a different sound when shook.


He was excited before he even pulled the bottles out…

He began pulling them out one at a time, shaking them then tossing them aside.  That was a most inefficient system.  Dumping would be far more productive.


His concentration was unbreakable while he focused on his tower…

Followed of course by lots of silly crashing!



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