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Natural Treasures Bracelet

on January 27, 2012

It finally stopped raining today!  My heart felt so much lighter knowing I wouldn’t have to worry about the pony standing out in a storm (at least for a few days) I had a full day with no appointments and with the sun shining, I couldn’t wait to spend the afternoon outside with the boy and run the dogs.  I had been needing to dump the compost bucket for days – thank goodness it has a lid!  I asked Noah if he wanted to come with me.  “Oh yes!” he said, followed quickly by “brrrm! brrrm!”.  We often ride the tractor out to dump the compost.  Our compost pile is a good couple of acres out in the field and Noah loves driving the tractor so much I think we’d ride it out there even if it was a couple of yards in the field.  Unfortunately with all the rain we’ve been getting the field was much too soggy to take it out today.  I told Noah we’d have to walk but we could take the dogs out with us and hunt for treasures.

Most every walk through the field ends with a treasure hunt.  There’s an old, magnificent oak tree near the barn.  Beneath its canopy we find acorns, leaves, lichens and moss.  There’s the occasional piece of bailing twine, beetle carcass and bird feathers.  Oh and sticks. Soooo many sticks.  So pretty much that tree is Nirvana for Noah.  Typically when we collect our treasures I am in charge of holding all of them and we display them on the kitchen table.  Making these bracelets allowed Noah to be in charge of his treasures and we have a new way of displaying them on the wall.  I completely didn’t think about everything being wet, especially things under the fallen leaves where any treasure hunter will tell you, is where you find the best treasures.  It was mostly the lichen and acorn tops that didn’t stick well but we found plenty of dry treasures to fill our bracelets.

  • Duct Tape

First order of business was dumping the compost bucket.  And splashing in puddles.  Soooo many puddles!


Once satiated on soaking, we ran up to our Treasure Tree.  I wrapped a piece of duct tape around my wrist and one on Noah’s.  Then it was time to start digging!


I went to making a patterned bracelet while Noah found some flowers for a more abstract design.  If only he could get this “stick” on his bracelet!


After we came in I just cut our bracelets off so I could display them on the wall above the kitchen table.


2 responses to “Natural Treasures Bracelet

  1. Jennie says:

    I love this idea! It’s more fun that loading your pockets full of the stuff they bring you. And it solves the problem of what to do with all those goodies afterwards, since the kids find a pocketful of rocks and leaves and grass a bit more treasure-y than I do.

    The treasure hunt we do is called “Hidden Treasures,” and it’s collecting the old rusted nuts, screws, etc, etc out of the driveway at our new house. The previous owners didn’t have small children running around, I suppose. At least our kids have fun. They don’t know we’re putting them to work. 😉

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