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Blossom Bash

on January 28, 2012

I made cream cheese, bacon and chives stuffed chicken the other night. It was super yum! (how could it not be?). So while Noah stood at the table having a snack, I pounded out chicken breasts with a mallet. Yes, I actually let Noah know see that sometimes cooking involves a hammer. If that doesn’t seal his fate as future chef I’m not sure what will.
I did let him take a couple whacks and I think I’ll need to keep the mallet in the special mama cupboard from now on. Today though, it was all his.

I received these flowers from my Father-in-Law.  It seems like such an awful thing to do to a gift you received, but knowing his grandson would be having such fun I figured he’d forgive us.  We enjoyed this bouquet on our kitchen table for a week or so and waited until the blossoms started to dry and droop, regardless of adding fresh water to the vase.  I imagine the colors would be more plentiful and vibrant had we used fresher produce but like I said, we were too busy enjoying them.  As a bonus, this activity really brought out the floral scent.  Our kitchen was filled with the scent of roses which even in thier fullest bloom on the table they did not offer.  This idea was inspired by a post on All for the Boys. I’d love to try their exact idea this summer and fall with nature items collected on hikes.  But it’s the middle of winter and we had a vase full of rotting flowers…

  • Old Towel
  • Mallet or hammer
  • Flowers or kitchen produce
  • Tag board

I set a towel down on the kitchen floor to muffle the sound and of course to keep Noah from pounding holes in the floor.  I recommend doubling up the towel.  Anyone who’s this anxious to use a hammer needs a doubled towel.



I initially laid another towel on top of the blossoms but that didn’t work very well.  We also found the tenderizer side of the mallet worked best for our semi-dried out flowers.



I looked through the fridge for more bash-able produce and came up with kale.  The green was a nice contrast.  We flipped the paper over to feel the bumpy texture.  Clean up was a cinch!  Just shake the towel outside and let nature take care of it proper.



This masterpeice can stand on its own or be used as a background for more creative play later!


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