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Marshmallow Structures

on January 30, 2012

Slowly, ever so slowly, I am trying to get my kitchen cleaned out and organized.  I had a bag of giant marshmallows that I knew we’d never use.  They were left over from a campfire, which is really the only time marshmallows taste good.  With no campfires planned I was happy to chuck those, but not before having a little fun with them of course.  We had wooden skewers which were forever getting in the way when I tried to close the drawer they were kept in and for whatever reason packs and packs of toothpicks.  I think they were a gift from a family friend.  If you’re wondering what kind of person would gift toothpicks, well I’ll just say this chap is unique in every way and we love him for it 😉

  • Marshmallows, varying sizes would be great
  • Wooden skewers and toothpicks
  • Beads, construction paper and other decor could be added if your kids get really into building.  Mine was just really into nibbling.

With a long afternoon of building in front of us, it was important to keep up our strength.  I just kept thinking crash and burn, crash and burn and that I might get some sewing done later 😉



I asked Noah what we should build and without hesitation he said “barn!”.  That’s my boy!!  I put together a barn structure and we each contributed an animal to farmyard.  I made a sheep, Noah made a porcupine.  Given the materials we had to work with, both were such obvious choices I’m a little disappointed in our creativity.  I was however quite proud when Noah set toothpicks down in front of our animals and told them to “Eat!”.  He’s so good to his animals! Even the marshmallow ones.


I guess the animals were done eating at this point…


But Noah sure wasn’t…


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