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February Handprint Art ~ Hearts

on February 1, 2012

It’s the first of the month which means it’s time to add to our monthly hand print art collection!  I was reminded recently just how significant and heart-melting these prints will be in the future.  Several weeks ago my mom was visiting, mainly to help me get my head back on straight.  I spent much of her visit gutting, cleaning and reorganizing every room in my house.  I felt like I needed a new start.  And in the midst of gutting the craft room closet I found this…

Oh how my heart melted.  Noah was about 3.5 months old at the time.  Just so tiny.  He was still at the age where his delicate little fingers were in a perpetual fist, which certainly made this craft easy.  I couldn’t get over just how tiny his hand was.  After staring at this print, his two-year-old hands seem so grown-up to me.  But I know they aren’t.  They are still so small and wonderous.  When he takes my hand in his I slip just two fingers in his palm as he wraps his still dimpled knuckles around mine.   And my heart melts.  Every.  Single.  Time.


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