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“I Love You” Valentine Cards

on February 4, 2012

Whenever we play with markers Noah always wants me to trace his hands.  Then he traces my hands.  I love how they come out all lumpy and contorted.  He just too anxious to pull his hand up to see the outline.  So I knew this card, from Busy Kids = Happy Mom (and oh how true is that?!) would be the perfect Valentine card for Noah to make for his grandparents!  We tried to keep the tracing a little more realistic this time, but it still turned out a little lumpy and contorted, just as it should be!  Check out the bonus gift we stuck inside this card to send the cuteness factor off the charts!


One response to ““I Love You” Valentine Cards

  1. […] made the Grandparents these “I Love You” Valentine cards.  Since Nannie and Pop happened to be here to get theirs in person I wanted to send a little extra […]

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