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Car Tracks from Old Denim

on February 9, 2012

When I found this idea on Pinterest I knew I had to do it!  Check out the original version at lil Mop Top.  She’s got a cute little blonde haired boy too 🙂 I knew I had to do this not only for my truck loving tow-head but because I have an obscene amount of old denim jeans.  They aren’t even remotely nice enough to ever be worn again.  I received them from a friend who thought I could use them in sewing projects.  I had no plans for denim anything but I cannot say no to free fabric and so I took it.  And there it has sat in my carport ever since.  I call it my denim graveyard.  At least someone in the family appreciates it…

I have enough to make several cities worth of denim road.  Thinking that some of the fabric still had a chance in my sewing room I chose 5-6 pairs of the ugliest denim we had, mostly acid washed.  It looked like we were going to have a lot of gravel roads in denim town.  If you’re not a denim hoarded like me, congratulations.  You can use any type of denim, canvas of other heavy weight fabric.

  • Old denim or other heavy fabric
  • Fabric paint marker – you’ll need fabric paint for the lines to show up on darker denim and you want something that won’t come out in the wash
  • Hook tape, optional and you can get the sticky back hook tape if you don’t sew, but it may not hold up in the wash

I set out doing the cutting while my husband was in charge of lining the roads.  Check out his line work!  I’ll give you one guess what he does for living…


For now we just set the road pieces out but I plan on sewing small pieces of hook tape (the stiff part of velcro) to the backside of each piece so they will stay in place on the carpet.  If you’re working on hardwood floors you might try adding strips of glue or puffy paint to keep them from sliding around.  For now, it was time to play!


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