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Virtual Hug for a Far Away Valentine

on February 13, 2012

We made the Grandparents these “I Love You” Valentine cards.  Since Nannie and Pop happened to be here to get theirs in person I wanted to send a little extra something to Grandma and Grampy in the mail.  What grandparent doesn’t just love anything with their grandchild’s handprint on it?  And Oh! how Noah loves to paint handprints.  So we created this virtual hug to stick in the card.

  • Finger paint
  • Card stock
  • Ribbon, cut the length of your child’s arm span

I cut the handprints out before the paint was dry which made the fingers curl up a bit and I like that.  Just like my little bean’s fingers when he gives me the best hug ever! 


One response to “Virtual Hug for a Far Away Valentine

  1. […] time, but it still turned out a little lumpy and contorted, just as it should be!  Check out the bonus gift we stuck inside this card to send the cuteness factor off the […]

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