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Dino Feet from tissue boxes

on February 14, 2012

I’ve had this idea on my list (thanks to a bird and a bean) for some time now. I’d saved one tissue box for the occasion and we were about halfway through what would be our second dino foot.
After watching Noah stomp around the house for the past week, pausing only to let out a big dino “Raaawwwwwrrr”, I cheated a little and emptied that second box early. This would be totally worth it to have naked tissues laying about!

First Noah painted the tissue boxes…

Once those were dry I added claws out of fun foam. Nowie stomped around in his new dino shoes, roaring loudly and pointing out his claws. And true to form he did it all nakie. So here’s a pic I can actually share…

I love a bird and a bean‘s idea of using sponges for the claws. Maybe an extension of this idea could be to add sponges to the bottom and get my floors mopped 😉


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