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Planting Seeds

on February 15, 2012

I had always pictured Noah’s first gardening experience to be outside, in our weed-free garden, a gentle breeze carrying the scents of newly blooming wisterias through the spring air as butterflies flitted by. We would be planting heirloom seeds from my Mom’s garden and using compost cultivated through organic gardening and raising happy, healthy horses, hens and sheep.

But here we are. And the realty is we’re still in a rental, our horses and hens are now being boarded, it’s the middle of winter and the only scent floating through the air is dogs and diapers.
All of that hardly mattered. I so badly wanted some sort of gardening experience with my son. I have no doubt the organic farming adventure is in our future, but for now we would have to settle for these boxed sets.


I found these at Target and thought they’d make nice Valentine gifts for two of my best friends and their children. In college a dear friend of mine had gifted potted forget-me-nots to our close circle of friends (herself included) and it was a sweet reminder of our friendships, knowing we were all growing and caring for our plants as we thought of each other. Now, with this circle including kiddos, I thought the addition of planting and watching the seeds “hatch” would be a fun extension of that idea.

Maybe you have a lovely garden patch. Maybe you even live the idyllic life (IMO) of a pioneer-esque farm girl. But even if you don’t, even if you live in a 1-bedroom apartment with your children, high above an asphalt jungle, even still, every child should have some experience with gardening. With watching a tiny seed, under their care, grow into a beautiful blossom or nourishing food.
This project was simple enough. Add water, drop in seeds and watch it grow!


“Growing fast!” Noah was excitedly saying. Patience. Just another virtue learning through gardening. I sat our pot on a sunny windowsill. I remind Noah to water it just a bit everyday. As anxious as I am to get sight of the first stem and leaves, I’m most looking forward to seeing Noah’s face when he does!



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