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Bouncing Balloon Balls

on February 16, 2012

We were stuck inside all day today with a constant, drizzly, freezing rain outside. These crazy-bouncing, ball-filled balloons helped give a colorful party atmosphere to an otherwise grey day.

The only bouncy balls I had were pretty big. I was still able to stretch the neck of the balloons enough to get the balls in. The easiest way I found was to nearly turn the balloon inside out. It was a stretch (HA!) but I managed.


I helped Noah perform the countdown he learned this past New Years and we dropped all four balloons at once. As the balls continued to bounce around inside the balloons, they jumped and shook chaotically. Definitely something Noah could relate too.


We played around with the intact balloons for a bit…


…But then it was time to pop them and find the treasure inside. He was just as excited for this part, maybe even a little more.


He continued to bring me all the balloons asking me to pop them, but he kept more of a distance for the next three.


Again we practiced our countdown leading to the *POP*! Immediately he would hop up and run to collect the glittering treasure inside.


Even more fun-runs, giggles and woofs followed as Noah played a combination of fetch and keep-away with one of our ball-crazy dogs. Three fun activities with two simple toys. It doesn’t get much better than that!



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