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Indoor Treasure Hunt

on February 22, 2012

I had planned on doing a geo caching activity at the park with some of Noah’s friends. The sand there would have made burying treasures, and more importantly uncovering treasures, a breeze. But weather, pony duties and a packed schedule didn’t allow for that today.
I also wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to practice map skills in a relatively unfamiliar environment. I felt Noah could be more involved, independent and successful if we practiced first in our home. Honestly, even doing this at home I wasn’t sure he’d “get it”. As usual though, the boy surprised me and I’m already looking forward to doing this activity again!

Here is out ill-drawn, not to scale, treasure map. Pssst-all that doesn’t matter!


I tried to direct noah to items that went from cool to super cool. I thought if he found an extra awesome treasure mid-hunt he’d be so distracted by that he wouldn’t want to continue on. Well, it didn’t take me long to screw that up as we discovered the bubbles just three treasures in. But it didn’t matter at all! The thrill of the hunt is what this activity was about for him! We spent some time playing in the bubbles but it wasn’t long before he was excitedly grabbing the map from me saying “Again! Again!”. Here is a collection of our finds…

20120225-082802.jpg  20120225-082834.jpg  20120225-082847.jpg  20120225-082903.jpg  20120225-082942.jpg

20120225-083000.jpg  20120225-083013.jpg  20120225-083026.jpg  20120225-083042.jpg  20120225-083428.jpg

20120225-091435.jpg  20120225-154539.jpg  20120225-154557.jpg

But it was this moment I could tell he was making the connection between the map and his treasures. He started referencing the red Xs. Awesome!


We’ll be ready for our geo caching adventure in no time!


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