Play Everyday

365…ok 366 days of simple, inexpensive and wildly fun 2-year-old play!

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This blog was created to share simple, inexpensive and wildly fun play ideas for toddlers.  As a WAHM I was spending nearly every moment of every day with my now 2-year-old son and yet some days I felt like we were never really with each other.  Some days we just never really connected.  For a 2-year-old, there is no better way to connect than through play!  And so this year I am committing to sharing at least 1 moment of quality playtime with him everyday.  Part diary, part journal, this is my way of sharing our day-to-day lives with family and friends.  We’d love to have some company and new friends on our journey, so please join and share with us!

Blog posts are updated daily but photo uploads may take longer.  I try not to get more than a few days behind in those though so if a post is pending photo uploads check back soon.

Indoor Play vs Outdoor Play – that line gets a little blurry, especially in this house.  We don’t mind a mess but some of our indoor activities may better serve you (and your house!) if taken outside.  Because we spend a great deal of time outside every morning, regardless of the weather, taking care of the pony we don’t press as hard for outdoor activities when the weather is not so friendly.



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